Social Care & Public-spirited

Stay Connected with the Local Community to Protect Cultural Heritage

We have paid great attention to the development of local culture and have regularly donated funds to the 300-year-old Dalinpu Fenglin Temple for it to host local events or support underprivileged people. We expect that by doing so, we will be able to pass on local culture and consolidate local coherence.

Give Back to Society   Friendly to Neighboring Communities, and Donate Fire-Fighting Resources

For many years, LCYT’s Copper Foil Factory has continued to promote care for neighborhoods and community and participate in interaction. Donating to Dalinpu Environmental Protection Volunteer Association, adopting grasslands in air quality purification areas of Xiaogang District Hanmin Elementary School, Huashan Elementary School, Pingding Elementary School, and in addition to thanking local firefighters for protecting their homes and providing a safe living environment, we are more concerned about the safety needs of firefighters. The Company donated firefighting raincoats and rain boots for the Dalinpu Fire Brigade of the Kaohsiung City Government Fire Department to strengthen the combat effectiveness and safety of disaster relief.

Helping Underprivileged People by Giving out C-ARE-US Moon Cakes and Buy High-Guality Agricultural Products

We have purchased C-ARE-US Moon Cake gift sets to share with more than 200 of our colleagues. We not only encouraged and recognized these mentally disabled children with actual action, but also conveyed warmth and love to our employees for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The export of local pineapples suffered a sudden change in the international environment, which may cause huge losses to farmers. In response to government policies, the Company did not fall behind, and subscribed for high-quality agricultural products to support local high-quality fruit farmers with practical actions.

Protect Taiwan   Unite in Epidemic Prevention

Since 2020, coronavirus epidemic has been raging around the world. The people of Taiwan and the government have been highly praised by the international community for their joint efforts to prevent the epidemic. We must cherish the hard results, continue to unite, and take measures to prevent the epidemic. Based on taking the society and giving back to the society, the Company has successively donated epidemic prevention materials to neighboring communities and government agencies. We will continue to work with you to protect this land.

 Contribution to the Society
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