ERM (Environmental Risk Management) entails the aspects of management system maintenance and risk control. We integrate the operational safety, occupational health, environmental protection, security management, health care, hazard identification, risk assessment, loss control , work improvement, asset management, insurance, emergency response, business continuity management plan and risk management. We also extend the risk management concept to supplier management and customer relationship management and incorporate the principles of safety and quality into our environmental protection efforts.

Safety is the underlying source of competitive advantage

Safety is the core value of a company, an integration of overall competitiveness, and a microcosm of the corporate culture. Aside from focusing on quality, cost and reliability, and keeping abreast of market trends to provide products and services that meet customer needs and win customer trust, we must hold onto our commitment and responsibility for safety, environmental and health. These are not just uncompromising requirements for the Company and each and every employee, but also our underlying competitive advantage.

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