Message From the Chairman

I am excited to join the LCY family, and it is an honour to be given the opportunity to lead the LCYT organization. It has always been my passion to build profitable businesses with sustainable competitive advantage.
Since establishment in 1997, LCYT has been deeply involved in the electrolytic copper foil and has continuously invested in development and innovation for product.

We have been very fortunate that, under the leadership of Chairman SR Wang, LCYT has established a strong growth platform and transformed to a reliable Copper Foil supplier, well-known for its consistent product quality and excellent customer service.
We will leverage and strengthen existing base capabilities, and continue to develop new technology building-blocks that will ensure LCYT continues to be relevant to our target customers with new product offerings that meet their changing needs.

Specifically, we will accelerate and expand our R&D investments in targeted next generation applications, including high-speed and high-frequency for 5G in the consumer-electronics, automotive, industrial and pioneering smart card markets.

In LCYT, we believe in ensuring our business is sustainable not only from financial standpoint, but also in ensuring we contribute to the long term well-being of our employees, customers, suppliers, community and shareholders.
We believe our team-based organization culture is one of our competitive advantages, creating an innovative and friendly working environment that encourages our employees to learn from each other, and grow rapidly to achieve their fullest potentials.

We also believe our emphasis on our employees well-being has translated to our excellent customer-focused culture and service to our valued customers. Through the spontaneous drives of employees to form a positive impact, take the initiative to think of one more step for our customer to meet our operating goal.

Our deepest gratitude also goes to our loyal customers and suppliers, who have been our long term partners in this continuous journey of infinite game.
As the saying goes, we did not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. Protecting the environment is not only good for our community but also simply good business strategy to ensure long term viability.

Having utilized our roof real-estate for solar panels, we will continue to drive programs to reduce our environmental impact – from continuously increasing our manufacturing yields which reduces wastes, to reduction in hazardous chemistries, to adopt circular economy model, to applications of new energy-saving and productivity improvement technologies.

We also do our small part in promoting education through LCY Education Foundation and adopting a local school to promote green awareness.
Being sustainable also means we have a strong fiduciary duty to put in place strong governance policies to ensure we meet all regulatory requirements so that we have the right to operate, efficiently utilize our human and financial resources, while maximizing returns on investments for our shareholders. In this front, in addition to our LCYT’s internal managing and auditing processes, we are fortunate to have a talented team of independent board members with strong subject-matter expertise and relevant industry experiences, to provide us additional perspectives and wise guidance in our company governance.

I look forward to an exciting journey with LCYT.

LCYT chairman
Seng Wui Lim

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