Message From the Chairman

The Mother Nature unconditionally nurtures all lives. We Humans, in our arrogance, believe we dominate and control, and spend Earth's resources without restraint or caution. When the ecological balance is disrupted, nature retaliates. Extreme weather events such as torrential rains, heatwaves, droughts, and wildfires, are becoming the new norm. It is time for humans to rethink, humbly learn from nature, and ponder why there is no waste within nature’s own ecosystem. There is no pollution, and yet remains evergreen. Enterprises are one of the significant causes of ecological issues, but they can also be contributors to the solutions. As a provider of green electronic materials, LCY Technology humbly follows nature's cyclical principles. We move away from linear and economic thinking, aiming to create a business model focused on resource recovery, regeneration, and perpetual circulation that is efficient.

Starting with our origin management, LCY Technology uses 100% recycled copper wires as raw materials and continually reuses these copper wires in a closed-loop system. Through key technologies, we recycle and reuse the liquid copper, foil, and edge materials produced in the process, reintroducing them into the copper tower as raw materials. Our green copper foils for PCBs and electronic consumer products contain 100% recycled materials. Another aspect of origin management is life cycle management through R&D design. In May 2021, we successfully optimized the manufacturing conditions, saving over 100 tons of chemical materials monthly. On top of the chemical material saving, our monthly output of copper-containing wastewater sludge decreased by 33.50% compared to 2020. The sludge is then handled by external recycling agencies to extract valuable metals for reuse.

Enhancing resource efficiency can reduce pollution, equivalent to reduced natural resources usage. We are continually striving for the ultimate goal of "zero emissions," fulfilling our commitment and mission to the natural environment. However, achieving a genuinely closed-loop economy cannot be done by LCY Technology alone; it requires industry linkage, collaboration between industry, government, and academia, and the emergence of disruptive innovative technologies. Thanks to the joint efforts, by the end of 2021, we took a successful step in water resource recycling. LCY Technology and four other companies began using the "reclaimed water" from the Kaohsiung Coastal Water Reclamation Plant, sourced from domestic wastewater in the Kaohsiung area. Using reclaimed water not only saves Earth's water resources but also prevents operational interruptions during water shortages caused by extreme weather conditions. LCY Technology plans to gradually increase the proportion of reclaimed water used, aiming for 80-100% of the total water volume.

LCY Technology has proven with data that environmental sustainability and economic performance can coexist and flourish. The cohesive team is the bedrock that allows these numbers to keep rising. We thank all our colleagues for their collective efforts and improvements in various aspects, enabling us to fulfill our commitment to society and the environment.

As Laozi said in the Tao Te Ching, "The way of heaven is round, each returns to its root." Nature's cyclical system nourishes the soil with fallen leaves, which in turn nurtures plants. While everything eventually returns to the earth, a continuous chain of life is formed. This natural operation shares the same principles and rules as the circular economy. Manufacturers must take responsibility, considering the end stage of products. LCY Technology looks forward to collaborating with the industry, taking nature as a teacher, aiming for resource regeneration, remanufacturing, and recycling, striving for an ecological balance with zero waste. Until then, let us work to reduce the rate of consuming or destroying natural resources, allowing nature ample time to recover its energy. Our ultimate vision, is a sustainable, beautiful future where butterflies dance in golden hues, praising the verdant Earth.

LCYT chairman
Paul Chen

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