Career Development

Comprehensive Training System

We have established training requirements for employees at all levels and provide employees with professional training required for their jobs, including professional licenses and certificates. We also map out career development blueprint for employees and provide employees training for a second professional skill and self-development.

To help employees improve themselves continuously, employees can pick up a second professional skill or enhance the breadth and depth of their job through job rotation. Employees who show motivation to learn may be promoted or transferred to another job based on the extent of personal development. We will also offer employees career development recommendations based on their aspirations and job performance to foster our employees into all-round elites.

Career Development Opportunities

The goals of our training and development programs are to enhance workforce quality and the job skills of employees, incite enthusiasm in work and prepare employees to embrace challenges, thereby creating greater business value and achieving business objectives and sustained development of the company.

To realize these goals and in response to the manpower needs arising from rapid organizational growth, we have established a complete education and training framework in alignment with the organizational functions. We make proper planning for orientation training, professional training, management training for all management levels, environmental protection and industrial safety training, and business ideas courses to provide employees with all-round training through classroom learning or e-learning. Our aim is to enable each and every employee to improve continuously in professional competencies and find the right arena that best suits their capability.

Training System

Training Type Organizer Organizer Participant
Top Manager Middle Manager Junior Manager Other Employee Recruite Transfer
Orgaizational Culture Course HR Value, Core, Vision, Mission
Offical Course Each Department Official License abd Certification Training
Regarding Plant, Audit, Finance, Other
EHS Course Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection Room Environmental Protection and Industrial Safety
Environmental Protection, Industrial Safety, Hygiene, Firefighting, Emergency Response
Professional Course Each Departmen Professional CompetenceTraining
HR, IT, Finance, Account, Procurement, Audit, RD, Process,Environmental Protection, Industrial Safety, Hygiene, General Affairs, Machine, Electronics, Quality Assurace, Quality Control, EngineeringTtechnology, Others
Management Course HR Management Training      
Decision Management Course HR Decision Training        
Top Manager ── Department Manager, Plant manager, Director, above Supervisor
Middle Manager ── Manager, Assistant Manager, Deputy Plant Manager, Assistant Plant Manager
Junior Manager ── Team Leader, Section Manager, Supervisor
Other Employee ── Others are not Supervisor

Training Programs and Results

On-the-job training

  • Using professional learning within the company or training courses conducted with external professional institutions to provide opportunities for communication with peers; using multiple learning methods and channels to improve professional skills in the career.
  • Through job rotation, employees can enhance their professional competence in different fields to increase the breadth and depth of their knowhow.

Management development training

  • Through progressive management development training, we hope to build an excellent management team.
  • Through comprehensive, progressive management competency training, employees receive different levels of training to cultivate management skills.
  • By building common management language, we wish to build an excellent management team and enhance the management performance of the organization.

New employee training

Through training programs arranged by HR and department heads, new employees are introduced the organizational culture, working environment and job contents. Those orientation and training programs aim at enhancing new employees’ identification with the company, and enabling them to grasp the functions of respective departments and quickly adapt to the corporate environment.

Regulatory and EHS training

  • We attach great importance to environment, health and safety (EHS) training. The Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection Room is in charge of planning relevant courses on safety awareness, environmental protection, health, firefighting, emergency response, etc. to build a comprehensive EHS system.
  • Employees attend training courses for licenses and certificates in accordance with regulatory and job requirements to ensure production and operational safety.

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