Environmental Protection

We are the designer and manufacturer of electrolytic copper foil, a kind of important up-stream material commonly applied in the printed circuit board industry and the copper foil laminate industry. Although industrial waste and wastewater will be produced during the manufacturing process, we fully understand the importance of environment protection, abide with the consistent environmental protection idea of LCY Corp., and continue to invest resources in reducing the products’ life cycle on the environment in order to meet or surpass legal standards, achieve zero-accident on employees, site facilities, and the safety of society , and express our utmost respect and protection towards the life span of mankind, the ecosystem and the site.

LCY GROUP Environmental Protection Policy

Environmental protection is the primary objective of EMS (Environmental Management System). Implementing environmental protection measures is the established management objective of the company. We carry out environmental protection activities, promote the Responsible Care System, and make continuous improvement in the spirit of compliance with requirements and standards. We make sure all internal activities are in total compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and do so with vigilance to effect the sustainable operation of every activity.

We carry out:

  • Established ISO-14001 environmental management system in order to consistently improve environmental protection performance.
  • Environmental protection related laws and regulations.
  • Strengthen all employees’ understanding on environmental protection to carry out eco-friendly ideas.
  • Take environmental friendly actions by utilizing recycled energy and implement waste management measures.

Recycling Rank Z Copper Foil

Copper foils that were assessed as rank Z products by the quality examination process will be recycled and reused according to the site’s process to reduce copper usage rate.

Wastes (copper and its compounds)

According to law, related measures will be included in “Industrial Waste Disposal Plan”, reported to the authority, and clearance and disposal practitioners that were approved by the authority will be hired to appropriately dispose produced wastes. Hazardous industrial waste (copper and its compounds) produced from the factory can be processed through “reusing”, “solidify burying” and other methods. As high as 90% of waste (copper and its compounds) is appropriately processed by “reuse” to achieve the goal of reducing waste.

Production of arsenic-free copper foils.

In order to meet related international regulations regarding environmental protection (such as PoHS, REACH and others), we have comprehensively introduced inc-free manufacturing of copper foils from 2014. Copper foil produced were examined by SGS, thus completing the test, examination and production of arsenic-free copper foils.

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