LCY TECHNOLOGY CORP. was invested and founded by LCY CHEMICAL CORP. Its electrolytic copper foils are mainly provided to domestic and oversea printed circuit board industry and copper foil laminate.

We provide a safe working environment and comprehensive welfare measures in coordination with complete education, training and development system to fully demonstrate our human resources. With the expansion of our corporation, we need to have professional people with global vision and powerful ambition to join this great family of LCY TECHNOLOGY CORP. !

Hire Process

Apply Online

Upload your resume for the job you like to apply to and we will process your application as soon as we receive it.

Resume Screening

We will carry out preliminary screening of your specialties, educational background, work experience, and professional licenses and certificates.
If your pass the preliminary screening, you will be contacted by phone or mail to come in for an interview.
You will not be notified if we do not have a suitable job for you at the present time.


Before you come for the interview, please prepare the necessary documents (autobiography, curriculum vitae, diploma, grade reports, and a headshot). We will inform you of the interview result by phone or mail.

Job Offer

If you are hired, we will notify you by phone and inform you of the documents required for reporting to the job. We will also send you a job offer letter to your mailing address by express mail.

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