Social Care & Public-spirited

We have dedicated ourselves to environmental protection and sustainable development and have responded to the air quality cleaning project of the government.

●In 2018, adopting the Brazilian carpet grass for Huashan Elementary School to create a comfortable learning and resting space for students, while optimizing air quality and promoting greening to give back to the local.

●In 2019, carrying out the termite prevention for Pingding Elementary School and control project for the trees of the whole school to prevent tree diseases from continuing to eat by termites and to prevent the ecology of the campus from being eaten by termites, or from overturning trees to endanger the safety of teachers and students, and to preserve the precious tree source in the school.

●From 2019 to 2021, we will continue to respond to the government’s promotion of enterprises to adopt empty products purification areas, and adopt Huashan Elementary School, Pingding Elementary School, and Zhongshan junior high school to plant plants, so that our future masters will have a clean and fresh activity space.

 Contribution to the Society
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