Contribution to the Society

Energy regeneration measures
▪ Solar panels
Device capacity
Average annual power
Energy saving Carbon reduction
Coal burning
Emission reductions
Afforestation benefits
499.2 570,000 142.50 210.90 94.05 300.96 30.40
Reduced the CO2 emission equivalent to the carbon absorption of 1.1 Daan Park annually

▪ Power saving

A. Factory energy efficiency

Factory annual
energy saving
Factory annual
electricity consumption
Factory average
annual electricity saving rate
2019 1,065,716 123,506,646 0.9%

B. Factory energy saving plan



Energy saving


Replace the old for ice water machine

Replace the 60W LED light in 300 area



▪ Water recycling

▲ Unit:m3/ton
A. Reducing Usage
The unit water consumption of factories’ tap water has reduced by 16.20% in five years.

B. Recycled and Reused Water of Manufacturing Process

With filtering facility and ion exchange resin, we have recycled and reused 90% of the water consumed in our manufacturing process.

▲ Unit:m3/ton

C. Sewage Disposal
We not only have stipulated standards higher than current legal regulation, we have also processed the sewage by coagulating, precipitating and filter pressing them before disposal to ensure its water quality and reduce the effect of sewage disposal to the environment.

Item SS
Kaohsiung Linhai Industrial Park Sewage discharge limits 240 3.0 5.0 1.0 2.0
LCYT Restrictions 100 2.0 3.0 1.0 1.0

Social feedback

Adopting Plants and Promoting Greening

We have dedicated ourselves to environmental protection and sustainable development and have responded to the air quality cleaning project of the government by adopting the Brazilian carpet grass for Huashan Elementary School. By doing so we have created a comfortable learning and resting space for students, optimized air quality, and encouraged the local community by promoting greening.


LCY Education Foundation

LCY TECHNOLOGY believes that students in Taiwan have creativity, pragmatic spirit, and international perspective, making them the source of competitiveness for Taiwanese industries. Therefore, the grants and scholarships offered to outstanding professors and students is an important part of LCY GROUP’s social responsibility; it encourages creativity and develops talents.

CSR Report

At present, LCYT is not the subject of the requirements of the competent authority, so we have not yet compiled.

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