Message From the Chairman

LCY TECHNOLOGY CORP. is an extremely potential enterprise. After consistent financial optimization and manufacturing technology improvement, we have built a robust and stable enterprise strength and foundation. We, as an enterprise citizen, truly understand that besides pursuing enterprise development and competitiveness, we also burden the responsibility of practicing our corporate social responsibilities. Besides resonating to the scholarship project of LCY Education Foundation in training talented people in the long term, we have also aggressively implemented sustainable development from various environmental protection actions carried out in our factories.

Upholding the sustainable management idea of paying attention to the ecosystem and green energy, we are aggressively pursuing the goal of becoming a world-class advanced enterprise by providing differentiated products and services. We have promised to provide customers with the most outstanding products and insisted clean room manufacturing throughout the manufacturing process with the most advanced and best quality facilities to ensure high and consistent quality. Furthermore, we have collaborated with the R&D resources of LCY GROUP to consistently apply high-frequency, high-velocity materials and SLP high-end technology and products on industries such as sport & recreation, automobile, aviation and medication. Our flexible production line and high quality products enabled us to enter American, European and Chinese markets successfully.

Under the global trend of saving energy and reducing carbon emission, improving energy efficiency and developing renewable energy have become two core issues. In addition to continuing optimizing our system and manufacturing process and implementing energy saving measures throughout the factory to successful reduce energy consumption, we have also installed solar energy plates on the roof of our factories. On average, we have reduced the CO2 emission equivalent to the carbon absorption of 1.1 Daan Park annually, demonstrating its evident effect.

Regarding water resources, besides the conventional method of reducing usage, we have further actively taken recycling and reusing measures. The unit water consumption of factories’tap water has reduced. With filtering facility and ion exchange resin, we have recycled and reused 90% of the water consumed in our manufacturing process. As for sewage disposal, we not only have stipulated standards higher than current legal regulation, we have also processed the sewage by coagulating, precipitating and filter pressing them before disposal to ensure its water quality and reduce the effect of sewage disposal to the environment.

With various designs in our factories, we have greatly enhanced energy efficiency while developing renewable energy. Such measures are not only environment friendly, they also enhance production efficiency and stably reduce unit manufacturing cost, thus becoming our concrete competitive advantage and successfully achieve the win-win situation between economy and environment. Prospecting into the future, we are prudent yet optimistic. Besides continuing devoting ourselves in R&D and innovation to develop competitive and differentiating high surplus value products, we will also carry out flexible strategies and management to cope with the changing situation to maintain revenue and profit growth.


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