LCY TECHNOLOGY CORP. was established in January 1997. We started our plant construction in August 1998 in Kaohsiung LinHai Industrial Park. The construction was carried out in two phases.

The Phase I of the project, to establish an annual capacity of 5,000 tons ED foils, was completed in March 2000, and commenced commercial production in Q4 the same year after a successful trial run.

The Phase II expansion project, planned for an annual output of 5,000 tons ED foils, has been finished in September 2007 to complete the construction of a copper foil plant with an annual capacity of 10,000 tons.

Our copper foil products are sold to domestic and foreign printed circuit board (PCB) and copper clad laminate (CCL) manufacturers.

High-Quality Products and Thin-Foil Technology

We use state-of-the-art production equipment and our main process is carried out in clean room facilities to better control the stable quality of our foil products. We are now mass producing 3oz, 2oz, 1oz, 1/2oz, and 1/3oz copper foil and have developed high quality products, including 9µm thin foil, VLP (very low profile), DTF (double treatment foil) and RTF (reverse treatment foil). Our technical and R&D team comprises experts with more than 20 years of professional experience and knowhow in foil making and poised to provide our PCB and CCL clients with high-quality and highly stable copper foil products.

Tailor-made Products and Services

Quality is an extremely effective and valuable weapon in modern-day business competition. The ability to provide tailor-made products and services is a prerequisite in the pursuit of high quality. Tailor-made products can meet the production needs of customers, while tailor-made services bring solutions to customer problems in product application.

Company Organization Chart

Department Primary Functions
Board of Directors Sets Business strategies and established business goals. Grants Chairperson of the Board with execution authority in making operational decisions pursuant to the internal control policy of the company.
Executes BOD resolutions and manager business operations. Provides promotion, execution, communication, coordination to achieve operation goals.
Secretariat Organizer of Board of Directors Meetings, provides administrative supports to BOD affairs.
Audit Dept. Establish, inspection and review of LCYT’s internal control system, its adequacy in design and effectiveness in operation with independent risk assessment to ensure compliance with LCYT’s policies and procedures as well as with external regulations. Provides recommendations to continue enhancing the internal control system.
Remuneration Committee Establish and regularly review the performance evaluation and remuneration policy, system, standards, and structure of directors and managerial officers.
According to law, which is affiliated under the Board of Directors, main responsibility is to assist the board in overseeing the following:
  1. Integrity of the Company's financial statements
  2. Certified Public Accountant' appointment (termination) and integrity/performance
  3. Internal risk controls
  4. Company's compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  5. Company's existing and potential risks.
Copper Foil
  1. Carrying out manufacturing plans.
  2. Managing the stocks of various materials and products.
  3. Marketing coordination and contact issues.
  4. Factory and production facility maintenance and management.
  5. Improving manufacturing process and capability.
  6. Customer complaint analysis.
  7. Supervision and management of safety, hygiene and environmental protection facilities.
Technical Dept. Research, design and develop the new products. Process improvement of existing products.
Sales Dept. Develop and execute the annual sales goals, credit check of customer, order processing, after-sales service、account collection, production and marketing coordination, collect and analysis market intelligence to planning new products.
Finance Dept. Operating performance analysis, and financial forecasts/annual budget review, accounting information management, tax planning and compliance, managing working capital funds and payment. Preparation of financial reports.
Technology Section
Planning and maintaining of the hardware and software, safely control and management of the information and data processing.
Resource Dept.
Human resources planning and management;Staffing, compensation/benefits and employee relations;Employee training and development.
Procurement Dept. Procurement policy and system planning;Procurement-related activities and Supplier evaluation and management.

Management Team

Name Title Experience
chairman and Chief Executive
Bachelor of Chemistry, Tunghai University
Vice President of Methanol & Solvent BU,LCY CHEMICAL CORP.
Director of Thermoplastic Elastomers BU,LCY CHEMICAL CORP.
General Manager Bachelor of International Business, Soochow University
Associate of Sales Department, LCY TECHNOLOGY CORP.
Manager of Business Planning Department, LCY CHEMICAL CORP.
International Sales Section, LCY CHEMICAL CORP.
Vice President and Acting General Manager, LCY TECHNOLOGY CORP.
Plant Manager of Kaohsiung site M.S of Applied Chemistry, Chung Cheng Institute of Technology
Deputy Plant Manager of Kaohsiung site, LCY TECHNOLOGY CORP.
Manager of Audit Department Bachelor of Business Administration, Tamkang University
Manager of Procurement Division, LCY CHEMICAL CORP.
Manager of Audit Department, LCY CHEMICAL CORP.
Manager of Finance Department. Bachelor of Accounting, National Dong Hwa University
Business Planning Department, Finance Division, LCY CHEMICAL CORP.
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